Review of my New Kindle Paperwhite!!

Hello Everyone!

Hope we are all having an amazing 2016 thus far! I know I am! :)

So much has happened in my life the past year that I had to put my blog on hold for a while. BUT, I am back and I have a lot planned for entries and the like.

Now, one of the things that did happen for me, was the awesome Christmas present that I received. A new Kindle!


IMG_1450  IMG_1451


This is the 6th Generation Kindle Paperwhite 6’’ High Resolution Display (212 ppi) with the Built-in Light and access to Wi-Fi.

I have only been using it since Christmas Day 2015, and I know it is now near the end of March, but let me tell you, I love it!

While there was nothing wrong with my previous Kindle, the battery was starting to die out on me, not holding a charge like it used to. So I had stopped carrying it in my bag and kept it by my bed for the most part for some reading before falling asleep.

This new Kindle though, seems to be a bit lighter than my previous one. Which makes sense, I mean come on, there is no keyboard, and it is entirely touchscreen. With the exception of one button, at the underside, that is for turning it on and off.

The screen size, is still the same, so nothing has changed in terms of size in that department. There is no more keyboard (it is onscreen when needed) so the overall size is reduced as well, making it very comfortable to hold in one hand.

Now let’s talk about that backlight! I find it fascinating, that I can finally read in bed, without looking for a light source for my book. The new Kindle has a backlight, but it does not cause any strain on the eyes, like an iPad or Surface would when reading books. It is a soft light too, so even if you are with your significant other and they are sleeping, you can read without a problem and not worry about waking them up at all. Big plus in my book!

As for the organization aspect, I am still trying to figure out a new system, as my old one doesn’t work so well anymore… this new Kindle is connected to the “cloud” so I have all my books from my old Kindle saved there. But I will find my system soon enough.

I purchased a case for the Kindle shortly after opening the gift up.

I went to my trusty Amazon account, and purchased a Mint Green Inateck Paperwhite Cover with Auto Sleep/Wake function. And the ease of popping the Kindle into the back cover really made me smile. It is sleek, and sturdy and oh so comfy and cute. I mean look at it!


Now, while I get some reviews together of some of the many books I have read in the last few months, I am also reading a trilogy at the moment, that will have a review as well. If you have read the 50 Shades series, then stay tuned for this review, as it is a bit of a comparison.

As always, I love LOVE suggestions for books to read, me being the bookworm that I am. ;)

Have a great day everyone!


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  1. Then there’s the Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited service, which is like a Netflix for books that gives you access to over a million titles for $9.

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