Welcome to another section of my blog!

I have been eating pretty clean for over a year now, but as of recently really began prepping my meals and paying close attention to what I am making and how I am preparing my food, in addition to whatever else I put into my body. I do want to be as healthy as I can be afterall.

Here, I will be sharing my ideas and recipes with you, and I will try to include as many pictures as I can.

I won’t just be sharing recipes here though, I will also share home decor ideas and other random lifestyle things that I feel I should let you all know about.

This section is going to be a break from the work life, just like the Reviews section.

It may seem that this section will be random and sort of all across the board, but that happens when one becomes an adult and works on several projects at once.

Just to touch base on some of the posts that can be expected in this section.

  • Recipes
  • Meal Prep Process
  • Organization
  • How I use a Planner
  • My Cleaning Schedule
  • Types of Snacks I Like
  • Home Decor
  • Baking
  • Cooking Tips
  • Random Posts
  • Fitness
  • etc.

I am also always looking for tips and suggestions that people may want to see.

– Isabella