[1] This is a blog, which means everything that is written here is of my own opinion and should not be taken in any way other than that. Everything posted in this blog is for entertainment purposes and should not be used in any other way.

[2] Everything in this blog is of my own opinion and experience. My experiences as a Corporate Paralegal are going to be much different than the experiences of those working in other law firms or corporate environments. This includes those that are starting out just like I am, and those much more experienced. This blog may serve as an insight into what it is like to be a Paralegal, but bear in mind that every experience will be different.

[3] I have completed the formal education for a Corporate Paralegal education, and I am not being paid in any way to promote the school and/or program I attended. While I do speak highly of the school and program, it is all my own experience and opinion.

[4] I do not, in any way, consider myself an expert in the Paralegal field. I speak only what I have learned and am able to say. Please keep in mind that not everything can and will be mentioned regarding my work experience, in order to keep client confidentiality.

[5] Yes, I am a Corporate Paralegal. Yes, I studied to become one. No, I am not authorized to provide legal advice to anyone. There is a very fine line as to what kind of legal advice I as a Paralegal am able to provide. Therefore, my best legal advice is always going to be: Speak to a lawyer.


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