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Hey Everyone, hope all is going well!

As I may have mentioned before, I am quite an avid reader. I have read more books than I have seen movies, and personally, I do not mind saying that I have not seen a particular movie, because chances are, if there is a book it is based on, I will have read the book at some point in my life.

My love for reading began early on in my life. While in middle school, my English teacher had us doing book reports. Yes, they had an outline we would have to follow, and we could either write them out by hand on the template that we had plenty of copies of, or we could type it up. I did a mix of both, but mainly did typing simply because I would be reading rather long novels (long for what middle school students back then would think were long novels).

Now I am, and always will be a fan of books. There is just something about going into a bookstore and spending hours on end there looking at various books in various genres written by numerous authors that will make any book worm feel warm and fuzzy inside. But, because I spent my college years on the Blue Line in Chicago, carrying more books than just my school books would mean a bulkier bookbag, and let’s not forget the back aches that come when you have class twice a week all day long and need to carry all your books with you all day long.

With that, it meant my bookbag was strategically organized, and because all I needed was my UPass to get on the bus and train, I usually carried it tucked into my Northface jacket, or within my phone case, or even tucked into the case of my Kindle. Since my phone was usually in my pocket, connected to headphones that were glued to my ears, as soon as I was on the bus or train, I would place my bookbag down and open my kindle case up.

I purchased a Kindle back in December 2011. To be exact, I purchased the Kindle Keyboard 3G + Free Wi-Fi, 6” E Ink Display. Its a decent size, handheld and rather light. Which for me as a college student, meant the world. The Kindle is connected to my Amazon account, and purchasing books is rather quick and easy. I would say painless as well, but for all avid readers out there, we know buying a book, whether hardcover, paperback, or ebook, often times would trickle through our bank statements as we spent countless dollars on novels.

Because I purchased the Kindle in December, I had to wait until Christmas to actually use it. I told my parents it was a Christmas gift to myself… and my mom had this thing that I had to wrap it and wait until I opened my gifts from Santa to use it. Well, I couldn’t wait. This meant that I charged my Kindle, purchased my first book (The Giver by Lois Lowry) and set to read it. Read it in just a few hours. I wrapped in easily in a tissue paper filled gift bag, so that I can use it as much as I wanted to before it went under the tree that year.

The battery life on my Kindle is rather amazing. I would be able to use it for about a month on one charge, as long as I rarely used the Wi-Fi. I usually keep the Wi-Fi off, unless I am downloading books that I purchased on a mini shopping spree on Amazon. Which let me tell you, happened rather often to be honest.

Organization is rather easy. I started two folders originally. One titled “Books to Read” and the other, “Books Already Read” just to make it easier on myself. Now, I have added a few more folders, but that is only for my organizational purposes.

When I purchased my Kindle, I made sure to go ahead and buy a case for it as well. I didn’t need anything fancy or over the top. I just wanted something functional and sturdy enough to hold my Kindle safe among the various things in my then bookbag and now purse. The case I have is an Incipio and it was pretty good in price and came earlier than my Kindle when I ordered it.

The image below is my Kindle, in its case, which at the time cost about $10, and that to me is a total bargain.

Kindle Case     KIndle

Now while I do read most of my books on my Kindle, I still do buy physical books as well, because I do enjoy curling up on the couch or in bed with some coffee, tea, or hot chocolate and engage in a great book and actually turn the pages rather than press a button. But as I mentioned before, for convenience- the Kindle is my go to just because it takes up less space in my purse than many of the novels I have read.

I will be posting plenty of book reviews, of books I have read in the way past, as well as ones in the most recent past. But I am always open to suggestions for books to read so that I may expand my horizon and be an even bigger bookworm than I am now. ;)

–  Isabella


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